Arbeitsfelder und Aktivitäten

Research Fields, Professional Activities

Antennas and Wave Propagation, Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves (Polarimetry, Radar Cross Sections, Interferometry, etc.), Radar Techniques and Technology (Airborne and Space-borne SAR – performance of 5 Space Shuttle Missions: MRSE, NAVEX, twice X-SAR/SIRC, SRTM-X-SAR; development of airborne E-SAR as well as the forward looking Sector Imaging Radar for Enhanced Vision, SIREV, Multi-Sensors), Microwave Radiometry for De-mining, Oil Pollution; Airborne and Space-borne Radio Frequency Systems for Civil and Military Reconnaissance and Remote Sensing, for Earth Observation as well as for Navigation and Positioning, C&C Technology for SAR Processing as well as for Simulation and Performance Estimation of  space-borne SAR Systems; Planning, Development, Establishment of innovative Research and Technology Programmes, Future Research and Technology Trends and Developments, from 1979 until 1999 Head of different major DLR Research Programmes for Microwave Reconnaissance and Remote Sensing as well as for Satellite Navigation and Positioning (1979 first European GPS Receiver, Space  Shuttle Navigation Experiment, NAVEX.); 1982 –1984 member of Pugwash Commission on Verification Satellites; 1990 - 1994 Integration of the Institute for Cosmos Research of the former German Democratic Republic into the DLR and foundation of a new Research Centre in Berlin Adlershof (Research Institutes and respective Administration Units), Foundation and strong support of the AeroSensing (AES) company in 1996 in Oberpfaffenhofen, as an industrial spin-off of the institutes scientific activities with respective staff.

Mostly important  Awards, Memberships, and respective Activities

11. 04. 2003 Dr.Ing.E.h. (Engineering honoris causa) from  Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen - Nürnberg for outstanding merits and contributions to remote sensing of the earth etc., 2001 Distinguished Achievement Award IEEE GRS Society for significant contributions to passive and active microwave remote sensing of vegetation and land surfaces. 1998 IEEE Outstanding Service Award,1992 IEEE Fellow, IEEE Advisory Board Member, 1984-87, Member at NATO-AGARD AVIATION PANEL (AVP) 1981-97, NATO-RTO (Research & Technology Organisation) Sensor and Technology  (SET) Panel 1997 – 2001, 1982 –1984 Member of UNESCO Pugwash Committee on "Verification Satellites", DGON (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation: German Society for Position/Direction Finding and Navigation): Member & Chair, Committee for Radar & Direction Finding Technology; Technical Advisory Board. ITG/VDE (Information Technical Society/German Engineering Association), Board of Directors 1991-97, URSI Germany and URSI International: Member & Chair, Electromagnetic Academy (US) Member since Inception 1990; MRSA: Munich Remote Sensing Research Association for Environmental Protection (3 Universities + DLR) Member & Elected Speaker until 2002. Co-Founder of EUSAR and Chairman EUSAR 2000, Chairman of International URSI Radar Conference 1998 in Innsbruck,  IEEE-IGARSS, 84 Chairman Program Committee IEEE-IGARSS, 82 Chairman Publications Committee. Diversely Invitations as Speaker and Reviewer respectively of different scientific journals and books,  invitations to EU Programme reviews and Programme Evaluations.

Participation as Consultant & Reviewer at European Community-Programmes

Registered Expert within the 4th,5th, & 6th Framework Programmes as well, former Reviews: Environment and health, Nov.1997, Infield (.Sept.1999, APRIL 1998), IST 1999, Concertation/Review Meeting 11/12. Sep.2000, ANFAS Reviews: 9/10. 04 2001, 25.10.2001, 12/13. 9. 2002, latest Review  23rd to 28th of  Oct.2005; Joint Research Centre ISPRA, Institute Security of the Citizen ( former Inst. for Space Applications): Member of  EMSL Advisory Committee, 1990 to 2002

Participation at Reviews and Audits of  industrial and academic Research Programmes and Institutions

Daimler Benz: Artificial Vision Research & Daimler Benz Research Programme, Audit, Mai 1996.Institute for Cosmos Research of German Democratic Republic Berlin Adlershof, Evaluation Audit, Nov. 1990, GDR Satellite Ground Station Neustrehlitz, Evaluation Audit, Dec. 1990, Evaluation Audits of major DLR Research Institutes: Flight Guidance, German Space Operation Center, Communication Technology, Opto-Electronics, regularly every 5 years since 1980, ONERA, France Evaluation of the “Department of Electromagnetisme et Radar“ March 2001, German Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development: Development of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Imaging Theory and its Application to Measurements of Ocean Waves and currents, March 1992, German Research Society: Determination of Satellite Attitudes, July 1997, Mai 1998, Alexander v.Humboldt Foundation: RF Sondierung of the Ionosphere In The F-Layer, Determination of ionospheric Phenomena; Volkswagen Foundation; Research Fellowship. Theoretical Investigation of Physical Phenomena  in open Resonance Structures, Development of an Operational Model for the Determination of Land Use Classes from Radar Images (March 1982, Foundation for Promotion of Scientific Research and Development (FWF Austria), Optical Free Space Transmission with Multiplex Techniques Investigation of Optical Free Space Propagation in the Atmosphere (Untersuchung optischer Strahlenausbreitung in der Atmosphäre), Mai 2002.

Peer Reviews for Journals

Aerospace Science and Technology, Archive of Electric Transmission (AEÜ), IEE Proceedings - Radar, Sonar and Navigation, IEEE Transactions for Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions for Antennas and Propagation


Since 1989 up to 2006 regularly, Microwave Remote Sensing Systems and Applications, LMU Munich, Inst. Geosciences; 1999-2002 Guest Professorship for Radar at the Kepler University, Linz; 1992,Director AGARD/AVP-Lecture Series "Fundamental and Special Problems of SAR Re- mote Sensing"; since 1981 22 CCG-, NATO-and EU- Courses on Radar, Microwave Radiometry, RF-Technology etc.; Mai 2002 invited lecture on Radio Frequency Technology at Tongji University, Shanghai, China; Mai 2004: Head of  Tutorial for EUSAR 2004: “Radar Polarimetry and Polarimetric Interferometry”; October 2004 & March 2006,  Director for NATO-RTO Lecture Series SET-81 on  “ Radar Polarimetry & Polarimetric Interferometry” 2004, WS 2006/07 Lectures Radar Systems University Nuernberg-Erlangen, WS 2007/08 Lectures Radar Systems University Nuernberg-Erlangen.

Publications since 1995

Keydel, W., J. Moreira,: A Real Time MTI-SAR Based on the Reflectivity Displacement Method, Proc. Kleinheubacher Berichte 1995., S. 707-713, Telecom, Darmstadt, Germany, (1995)

Keydel, W.: Principal Measurement Possibilities and Applications of SAR. Proc. Internat. Workshop on Direct and Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering, Gebze, Turkey, 24.-30.9.95., (1995), invited

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Keydel, W.: SIR-C/X-SAR, ein globales Radarexperiment auf dem Space-Shuttle zur Erkundung der Erde, Kleinheubacher Berichte (ISSN 0343-5725), vol. 38, 1995, p. 729-738.

Keydel, W.: SAR Technique and Technology, its Present State of the Art with Respect to User Requirements. AEÜ, 50, 2, (1996), S. 73 -78,

Peichl, M., Süss, H. ,Keydel, W.: First Results of Investigations on the Use of Microwave Radiometers for Detection and Location of Antipersonal Mines. EUREL International Conference on "The Detection of Abandoned Land Mines", Conference Publication Number 431, ISBN 0852966695, ISSN 0537-9989, OREGA Print and Design, Great Britain, (1996)

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Bauernfeind, M.;  Cloude, S.R., Horn, R., Gabler, B., Keydel, W., et al.:: Potential and Limits of Airborne Polarimetric SAR Interferometry. PIERS'98, Proc. Workshop on Advances in Radar Methods,  Baveno/Italy, 20-22 July 1998, S. 166-168,

Keydel, W.: Future SAR Systems, Perspectives and Visions, Piers-Workshop, July 1998, Baveno, Italien, JRC, Proceedings of Piers Workshop 1998, (1998), invited

Keydel, W., Lukin, K.: Unconventional New Techniques and Technologies for Future Radars, Piers-Workshop, July 1998, Baveno, Italien, JRC, Proceedings of Piers Workshop 1998, (1998)

Keydel, W.: Beispiele zur Anwendung von Radar mit Synthetischer Apertur (SAR) für Fernerkundung und Überwachung, Proc. 43rd International Scientific Colloquium, Ilmenau, September 21-24, 1998, Tech.Universität Ilmenau, invited

Fortuny, J., Lopez-Sanchez, J.M., Sagués, L., Cloude, S.R., Papathanassiou, K., Keydel, W: Wide Band Polarimetric Interferometry for DEM Improvement and Retrieval of Vegetation Height, 29th European Microwave Conference 99, Conference Proceedings, Volume 3, 7th October 1999, United New & Media publication Miller Freeman, London (1999).

Keydel, W.: Inventory of Biomass through Microwave Remote Sensing, Proceedings of ISRO-DLR Workshop on Environment and Remote Sensing, Editors: S.H. Bhan, K.V.S. Badrinath (1999), invited

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Opening Speach at GRS 2000, German Radar Symposium 2000, 11-12 Oct 2000 Berlin, invited

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Holde:Ein Warngerät zur Detektion von Hochspannungsleitungen für Hubschrauber.TA-AEG-Telefunken, N1 6E.


Verfahren zur Extraktion von durch die Atmosphaere verursachten Phasenfehlern des Rueckstreusignals eines Abbildungsradarsystems aus Radarrohdaten und Einrichtung zur Durchführung des Verfahrens. Keydel, W., Moreira, J, P4124062.6.


Method of Extracting Phase Errors caused by the Atmosphere, US Nr.5,257,028

27. 4. 94

Verfahren zur Detektion, Lokalisierung und Geschwindigkeitsbestimmung von Bewegtzielen aus Radarrohdaten Keydel W., Moreira, J.Deutschland: Nr 44 23 899.1-09, Frankreich Nr. 95 07994, Japan 2000-247578


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Books & Editorials


Boerner, W-M. et al. (eds), Proceedings of the NATO-Advanced Research Workshop on ‘Inverse Methods in Electromagnetic Imaging’, (18-24 Sept. 1983, Bad Windsheim, FR Germany), Parts 1&2, NATO-ASI Series C-143, (1500 pages), D. Reidel Publ. Co., Jan. 1985.

Febr. 88
Book Chapter

Radiometrische Peilung, „Funkpeiltechnik“, Grabau & Pfaff, FrankscheVerlagsbuchhandlung Stuttgart, 1988, S. 277-280.

Own Chapter:

Feb. 1992

Boerner, W-M., et al. (eds.), NATO, Advanced Research Workshop onDirect and Inverse Methods in Radar Polarimetry’, Sept. 18-24, 1988, Proceedings, Chief Editor, 1987-1991, (1,938 pages), NATO-ASI Series C: Math & Phys. Sciences, Vol. C-350, Parts 1&2, D. Reidel Publ. Co., Kluwer Academic Publ., Dordrecht, NL, 1992 Feb. 15.


with own contribution

Special Edition for the Sixtieth Anniversary of the DLR’s “Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik” at Oberpfaffenhofen, DLR Nachrichten Vol 86, June1997                                                                                                    

Co-Editor with
Own Contributions

Baur, E., Buckreuss, S., Holpp, W., Honold, P., Keydel, W., Klausing, H.: „Radar mit realer und synthetischer Apertur“. Auflage, S. 291-324, Oldenbourg Verlag München Wien, (1999); ); own contributions: 2.  Elektromagnetische Wellen;3. Eigenschaften der Radarinformation

Editor with
Own Contribution

Keydel, W. (Editor), Pac, Werner, Hounam: ‘X-SAR/SRTM, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, Mapping the Earth from Space’, DLR, 1999, Druckerei Tierbach GmbH, Mülheim Ruhr                                                                                                  

03 / 04 2001

Frequenz, Zeitschrift für Telekommunokation , Band 55 März / April 2001, Special Issue EUSAR 2000, W.Keydel and A. Moreira

With own contributions

Organization & Edition NATO – RTO Lecture Series SET-81 as LS-Director, theme“Radar Polarimetry and Interferometry”, own contributions: “Introduction”, “Normal and Differential SAR Interferometry”, “Applications of SAR Interferometry and Polarization”, “Air-borne and Space-borne SAR Systems”,RTO-EN-SET-081bis-PP, presented in Warsaw, Poland



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